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Disclosure and Disclaimer

The information on this website is purely for entertainment.   If you are trying to research something by coming to this site, even for a sixth-grade project, you likely have bigger problems than we can solve here!

The information, stories, pictures, and anything else you may find on this site at any time are to the best of Rusty’s knowledge (which may be suspect in itself) up to 95% true.  Keep in mind that the veracity of anything you see here is subject to the vagaries of Rusty’s memories, notes, stories he’s been told by friends, guides, strangers and even his dreams!

Because many of Rusty’s friends, relatives, associates, acquaintances, lovers, strangers, and people he’s met on airplanes would much prefer not to be associated in any way with Rusty or his stories of adventure, Rusty goes out of his way to somewhat disguise their persona’s.   It may be that Rusty doesn’t mention a town, a person’s name (or frequently uses an alias) or give a completely accurate description of someone in one of his stories.   Rusty may even go out of the way to disguise them a little bit where it does not affect the story itself.

Should you be unlucky enough to show up in one of Rusty’s stories, don’t be horrified! Likely you are the only one (besides Rusty of course) or one of a very small number of people that would have any idea it is you being written about.  Rest assured Rusty will not be spreading around your name or contact information. In fact if somebody comes up to Rusty on the street and says “Isn’t that so and so you are writing about?”  he will completely deny it, just as you would deny ever having met Rusty!   So if somebody finds out it’s you, it likely won’t be from anything they read here or heard from Rusty.  You can have a stiff drink and go back to try living a normal life.

If you’re crazy enough to have read this far down this page you may actually enjoy some of the other content on this site before they confiscate your computer and take you away in the small bus to a sunny home.



Rusty Waters