“Rusty is such a complex person(a) that he is currently at a loss for words (a rare condition with him) for how to describe himself. Please return to this page in the near future for more details.” –Rusty’s mentor and editor

Well, we have to give it to him.  That’s why he’s Rusty’s mentor and editor.  He called that one completely right.  The fact is  as any of Rusty’s long-term acquaintances can tell you, he doesn’t easily fit easily into any simple categorization schemes.  The best way to try to understand what Rusty is all about is to simply read about him and his adventures right here.

Sure, we could tell you that Rusty has “been involved” in several businesses, both in the United States and abroad.  We could tell you that sometimes professionals seek out his advice or are in some cases almost forced to seek out his advice.  We could go on to tell you what Rusty studied in school or what kind of groups he speaks before on a regular basis.  We could tell you where he lives or the name of his dog.

Unfortunately none of that would give you a very accurate picture of the Rusty of his cover on these pages.  First and foremost rusty likes to think of himself as a student.  There’s not much in life be at sites sounds or especially people that he’s not interested in.  If there is one quality above all others Rusty would like to think he has, it would be a keen observer of the human condition.  Not just individuals and how they think or even how they relate to each other, which Rusty finds fascinating.  It is more the human psyche and its philosophical relationship to what individuals and cultures do.  How they act what they build why they think what they think.

Although Rusty has strong opinions on many topics, it is rather learning what others think and why and challenging their knowledge assumptions and actions that Rusty finds more fascinating.

Frankly Rusty would be more interested to know what you’d write as “about Rusty” then what he would ever say.  So spend a few moments reading about Rusty’s experiences, how he describes them and what he’s learned.  Then we’d love to hear from you just who you think Rusty Waters is?