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SEX versus ROMANCE: The Valentine’s Day Survey

We asked our readers which they would prefer for a Valentine’s Day story from the Adventures of Rusty Waters, SEX or ROMANCE.

The first choice was to find out what happened when three gorgeous women tried to pick up Rusty in a bar.  HINT: That was the story you’d get if you voted for SEX.

The second choice was to find out the story of Rusty’s long-lost love.  HINT: that was the story you’d get if you voted for ROMANCE. Continue reading →

Rusty’s Long Lost Love, Part 2

If you have not already read Rusty’s Long Lost Love, Part 1, click here: Rusty’s Long Lost Love, Part 1

There it was.  She had moved away some time ago.  Rusty had not seen her or talked to her.  You could say that Rusty was immature at this particular time in his life.  He would not argue.  He could feel something, but not express it; know something but not know how he should act upon it.  Sometimes he could not act when all indications were that he should.  It was nothing to be proud of, but it was Rusty at that time in his life. Continue reading →

Rusty’s Long Lost Love, Part One

At the start, you have to know this is a difficult and bittersweet memory for Rusty to tell.  He sometimes tries to go on without thinking about it.  He fails.  Once in a while, sitting out under the stars, high in the Sierras or some other romantic place, after a glass of fine wine, he might tell an old buddy the story, thinking it might be cathartic.  The telling is good, but it always leaves a lingering ache in the heart. Continue reading →

Why a Dozen Red Roses May Be Exactly the Wrong Thing to Give a Lady

My good and dear friend has a new web site about how to pick the right flowers for any occasion.  When I told her this story, she asked if she could publish it.  You’ll see why just below and find the link to her site and another critical link below the story.

There is hardly any worse feeling you can get in life than to have high expectations that your gift is going to be fawned over (or better yet that YOU will be for giving it) and then to be humiliated by finding out that you gave the exact wrong gift; worse yet that your gift offended a room full of people. It’s happened to me many times, but by far the most humiliating was one cold evening in a beautiful restaurant in Moscow. Continue reading →

What Would You Like for Valentine’s Day?

The adventures of Rusty Waters have found our hero, well protagonist, OKAY, ALREADY, He’s a BUM, everywhere from photographing gorillas in the jungles of Africa to Siberia and the Alaskan Gold Fields – even in Madonna’s room in Buenos Aires.  And YES along the way there has been SEX and ROMANCE. This Valentine’s Day we’d like to give YOU an adventure, but which story would you like to read? Continue reading →