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Three Gorgeous Women Try to Pick Up Rusty in a Bar

Now before you get too carried away, it must be pointed out that Rusty, no matter what his life is like, tries to keep the Adventures of Rusty Waters somewhere between a PG and an R rating.  By that we are not saying that anything on this site is suitable for the weak minded or children of all ages.  Nonetheless, we will try to tell this tale with at least a modicum of gentility.

It was way back during one of Rusty’s first out-of-state business trips, before knowing all the tricks of travel.  Rusty had gotten up hours before his very early flight to be sure he’d be on time.  Arriving thousands of miles away in a city he’d never visited before, Rusty grabbed a map and got in his rental car. Continue reading →

A Most Unlikely Christmas Story

The year was 1935.   It was the middle of a worldwide depression.   Theeconomic hardships their parents were undergoing made it a tough year for many children that Christmas.   One little girl in particular had no hope of any kind of Christmas celebration at all.   Her mother had committed suicide a few years earlier.   Her father was “difficult”. Continue reading →