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The Truth about the Great 2010 La Canada Mud Flood! Part 1: The Lay of the Land

Part 1: The Lay of the Land

Not all adventures are good clean fun.  Some involve going through police barriers to check on your friends to see how they are affected by natural or man-made disasters.  Such is the case now, right in the area where Rusty lives.

In January and February of 2010 people around the country and around the world heard about the devastation caused by water, mud, and debris flows that tossed around cars and two ton concrete barriers like they were a child’s toys.  Few people outside of the area really understand how this happens in the relatively dry Southern California Los Angeles basin.  Rusty Waters has lived in this area his entire life, looking up at the source of the floods every day. Continue reading →

What Would You Like for Valentine’s Day?

The adventures of Rusty Waters have found our hero, well protagonist, OKAY, ALREADY, He’s a BUM, everywhere from photographing gorillas in the jungles of Africa to Siberia and the Alaskan Gold Fields – even in Madonna’s room in Buenos Aires.  And YES along the way there has been SEX and ROMANCE. This Valentine’s Day we’d like to give YOU an adventure, but which story would you like to read? Continue reading →