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The Truth about the Great La Canada Mud Flood! Part 4: We Learned Our Lesson Right Quick!

Flooding Again, March 1938

1938 Flood Headlines

The previous three parts of this series showed the consequences of a very particular combination of earth, wind, fire and water in the hills north of downtown Los Angeles.  The massive devastation caused by the 1933/1934 New Year’s flood was certainly a wake-up call not only for the residents but for local authorities. Well not really.  The wake-up call should’ve come long before.

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The Truth about the Great 2010 La Canada Mud Flood! Part 3: New Year’s flood 1934 Unearths Evidence of Monster!

Part 1 and Part 2 of this series explain the geography of the Los Angeles basin, including the steep mountains rimming the northern edge of the basin that were pushed up by the action of two tectonic plates meeting along the San Andreas Fault.  The articles discussed how the dense chaparral burns fast and hot pushed by the hot winds coming over the mountains from the desert causing the soil to become almost waterproof.  All that it takes to set off a huge flood of mud is rain.

The Great Depression that started with the stock market crash in the fall of 1929 hit rock bottom in the spring of 1933.  It would be a slow recovery that would not end until the advent of World War II.  New Year’s Eve 1933 was still reason for many to celebrate the promise of the New Year.  In the little Crescenta-Canada Valley many residents had gone out for the evening.  It had been raining for a couple of days, so a warm gathering of friends must’ve sounded good.  Unfortunately the loudest noises that evening would not be man-made. Continue reading →

The Truth about the Great 2010 La Canada Mud Flood! Part 2: The Perfect Storm!

In Part 1: The Lay of the Land, Rusty explained the formation and geography of the greater Los Angeles basin.  Rusty’s lived in the northern part of that basin his whole life and has heard about and seen personally what can happen with the Perfect Storm of events.   Here is the whole process laid out for you. Continue reading →

What Would You Like for Valentine’s Day?

The adventures of Rusty Waters have found our hero, well protagonist, OKAY, ALREADY, He’s a BUM, everywhere from photographing gorillas in the jungles of Africa to Siberia and the Alaskan Gold Fields – even in Madonna’s room in Buenos Aires.  And YES along the way there has been SEX and ROMANCE. This Valentine’s Day we’d like to give YOU an adventure, but which story would you like to read? Continue reading →

A Most Unlikely Christmas Story

The year was 1935.   It was the middle of a worldwide depression.   Theeconomic hardships their parents were undergoing made it a tough year for many children that Christmas.   One little girl in particular had no hope of any kind of Christmas celebration at all.   Her mother had committed suicide a few years earlier.   Her father was “difficult”. Continue reading →